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The UCLA Guest House is a 61-room facility located on the beautiful UCLA campus. The Guest House is designed to serve the temporary housing needs of those attending conferences or who are otherwise affiliated with or doing business at UCLA or the UCLA Medical Center. For this reason, we ask that you state the purpose of your visit:

Group Reservation:

Group Code:

UCLA Affiliated Traveler:

Medical - Medical visit or patient care at a UCLA medical facility.

Business - Conducting business with a UCLA department or school.

Learning - Participating in a meeting, lecture/class, or conference
sponsored or hosted by a UCLA department or school.

Event - Attending a UCLA athletic, cultural, or performance event.

Visit - Individuals traveling with or visiting current UCLA students,
faculty, or other employees on campus. This also includes
prospective students and their families who wish to tour the campus.

UC Affiliate - Current University of California faculty or other

My affiliation is not listed

Please call us at (310) 825-2923 or email us at guesthouse@ha.ucla.edu so we can review your affiliation.

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